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Scuba Birthday Party!

Experience the fun and excitement of breathing underwater on scuba! It's easy, fun, and the kids love it! This event consists of one hour pool time and one hour for cake and presents.

Ages 8 and up


One 30 minute video and information session; followed by 60 minute in-water session

  • View the Discover Scuba Diving Video
  • Everyone gears up, then gets used to breathing underwater
  • Learn how to breath underwater, learn how to equalize (we’ll explain this)
  • Learn how to clear water from a regulator (that’s what you breathe from!)
  • Clear water from a partially flooded mask (usually happens because you are smiling so widely!!)
  • Shallow Water Games and fun
  • Deep Water Games and fun


  • Discover Scuba Diving Video
  • Skill Development ("Simon Says" format)
  • Underwater Races
  • Underwater Frisbee
  • Buoyancy Competition
  • Underwater Dancing
  • Underwater Football
  • Other fun activities


Diversions Scuba supervises all activities with a minimum of one professional instructor. Our PADI licensed instructors are trained Emergency First Responders and Rescue Divers, capable of performing in-water CPR, First Aid, and Secondary Aid. Our professional instructors are specially trained to provide aid to children.


All activities will take place at Harbor Athletic Club.


Just $399

Minimum Number of Participants: 5 (max 10)

This includes: All Equipment Rental, Awards and Stickers

Contact Diversions Scuba today to arrange your SCUBA BIRTHDAY PARTY!

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