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TDI Trimix

This course provides the training required to competently and safely utilize helium breathing gasses for dives required staged decompression with Nitrox and/or oxygen mixtures during decompression to a maximum depth of 200 FSW. The course examines the benefites, hazards, and proper procedures of utilizing custom oxygen/helium/nitrogen mixtures as primary breather gasses (containing not less than 18% oxygen).


The classroom portion of this class will review:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Nitrogen Narcosis and Oxygen Toxicity
  • Decompression Options
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Dive Tables
  • Dive Planning
  • Procedures

Open Water Dives

Students will complete four dives with a minimum of 100 minutes bottom time. Open water skills will include properly analyzing gas mixtures, demonstrating pre-dive planning, and executing the planned dives within the limits, planning for contingency situations and problems, staged decompression, proper deployment of lift bag and reel, simulated emergency gas sharing, deployment of backup regulator or bail-out SCUBA system, switching and isolating a malfunctioning regulator. Maximum training depths will not exceed 200 FSW.

Course Options

Courses are offered on a regular basis.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students must have the following for class:

  • TDI Advanced Nitrox or equivalent certification
  • TDI Decompression Procedures or equivalent certification
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older
  • Students must have a minimum of 100 logged dives
  • TDI student folder on file
  • Diversions' Student Agreement on file
  • Students must purchase a copy of TDI's Extended Range Diving & Trimix manual
  • Please review the technical diving gear list for gear requirements for this course

Course Fees

Please contact us for the most current pricing. Course fees do not include books, gases, or certification card.

Course Availability

Courses are offered on a regular basis and upon request. Please review our calendar and then contact us.

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